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What does Perseus have to do with tech recruitment?

Perseus existed during Ancient Greece and famously be-headed Medusa. But what the fudge does that have to do with tech recruitment?

We try and live by similar values. Persistent, virtuous and intelligent. Persistence is important to solve our problems and work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. We work via slack, zoom or calls if you prefer. But we respect your time and believe having a balance is important. Virtuous is something we want you to see not for us to say. Intelligence is hard to measure, but we do out best to master our craft with our weekly book-club and coding sessions.

Our core values


We believe in listening and serving our community. Hopefully, you can trust we know what we're doing and doing it the right way.


We're armed with years of experience helping scale start-ups in hyper growth phase. We're here with the knowledge, experience and skills to solve your problems.


Some of our tech-talent partners code. We believe we can speak your language and deliver quality information and service.

Our recruitment process

Our mugshots

Say to our team

Kevin Marney



I enjoy running around new cities and have an eye for street-art. From my small collection – my favourite piece is Dran poulet-dinosaure. With experience recruiting agency side and in-house – we’ve created a hybrid model to best serve our clients. My favourite sport is skiing and enjoyed many trips in Branäs with my family. Although I can’t wait to experience the alps!

My tech recruitment experience has been focused in software development across Scandinavia. My core focus is helping build on-site tech teams for our clients across Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Sophie Perry

Operations and People Manager

Outside of work, you’ll usually find me at the gym, pub or gaming (currently playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Switch). I also love anything Marvel – the Avengers films are my favourite, Captain America a close second!

I started at Perseus People as a Tech Talent Partner, but have now had the chance to move across as Operations and People Manager, taking over more responsibility for the running of the business. Don’t worry, my recruitment skills definitely come in handy! 😁

My main focus is helping Perseus People do what we do best – helping to scale tech teams across the Nordics.

Anthony Moore

Senior Tech Talent Partner


Currently helping build better tech teams across companies in Scandinavia. I have a keen passion for sports having participated in the London Youth Olympics back in the day, I also enjoy my gaming and all things interactive, playing Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy XIV currently when my free time allows. With a very outgoing personality, I am always happy to chat!

Excited to help and support people to get the best opportunities for them, and build some great relationships for many years to come.

Georgie Roberts

Tech Talent Partner


A hard-working attitude with the desire to be the best possible version of myself! I am a firm believer that with the right mentality anything is possible; the sky’s the limit after all. Working in the Scandinavian market, my anthropology degree has been a fantastic resource and has sated my desire to learn about new cultures and understand their particular nuances.

I have been an avid gamer for years, my first console was an N64 – that nostalgia will forever stay close to my heart. However, my real love and passion will always be for the Xbox 360, and more importantly, Halo 3. This is the game where I tirelessly honed my skills and was playing at a professional level by the age of 16 whether it has been on a computer or on a tabletop (Warhammer) gaming will always be my choice for competitive sports.

Being the expensive hobby that Warhammer is, I had to get a job at a young age in order to fund my hobby. My favorite army to collect in Warhammer fantasy was Chaos and like Halo, I often participated competitively.

My new focus now lies in recruiting top-tier talent in the Scandinavian market for tech companies and like Halo 3, I take it incredibly seriously.

Luke Joelsson

Tech Resourcer


I’m interested in computer hardware and enjoy playing computer games. Currently playing League of legends and enjoying the all for one game mode. I’m currently attempting to build my first computer and competing for national-level swimming. 

I’m working as a tech researcher and engaging with software developers across Sweden and Denmark.

Max Hodson

Tech Talent Partner

For the times I am not on LinkedIn (which isn’t very often!) I do find myself very active and have varied hobbies to keep me busy.

Currently, I’m really into my training at the gym, specifically weight lifting. I feel this feeds into day to day life as the gym helps you build that elite mindset and to keep you pushing forward. Motivation is one aspect, however being disciplined is far more important for daily success. Alongside this I love my music! You will find me across the country at house music events/festivals and have been abroad many times to see my favourite DJs.

Technology has always been a part of my life growing up. From as far as I can remember my brother and I used to play PSP/DS. This then grew into an addiction and I got my hands on my first Xbox which would see me play Call Of Duty and Gear Of Wear. However, this did not satisfy me enough as I wanted to become the best at everything. Fast forward a few years and I built myself my first PC. My main game was League of Legends but I did dabble a little into CSGO. After a few years of League of Legends I started live-streaming my gameplay and uploaded videos to Youtube, at this time I had reached top 500 in Europe on the EUW server. I wanted to share my results and build a community with the live streams on the side!
Heading into adult life meant full time work! A big shock to the gaming lifestyle I had before. Started as a trainee estate agent at Haart and then progressed very quickly with 3 promotions within 18 months. During the last 18 months we had turned the branch from 8th market share to 2nd consistently/breaching 1st on occasions, this taught me how to grow a business and what is needed to become elite at my role.

Now I’m very excited to help scale up tech teams in Denmark.

Bethany Duncan

Delivery Consultant

I am currently a Delivery Consultant working with candidates in Sweden.

Outside of work I like to take myself out of the real world and escape to other worlds by reading fantasy novels and more recently thrillers.

On the weekends, you’ll find me at the pub catching up with friends playing darts and I am also partial to a little Karaoke.

I’ve always been a very charismatic person and love helping others around me. I’m excited to delve into the land of recruitment and help people in the Nordics find their dream job.

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